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One Is Silver And The Other’s Gold


Since moving out to Los Angeles, it hasn't been super easy to make friends that compare to my friends back home. It used to make me feel homesick until I realized that I would never be able to replicate that and that's ok. That's why they are so important to me and we make such ...

Metallic Gold Gel Nails


Pretty holiday nails! Happy Holidays guys! I'm feeling pretty good. I volunteered at a clothing and food drive on skid row today. It really helps put things in perspective. (I know a writing buff is cringing at my use of "pretty" and "really" within the first 3 sentences...or just my use of it in general ;-) ...

Ashley’s Birthday Dress


Introducing Ashley! She is the face and genius behind the whole design of my blog (also the photographer behind my "about me" pics!). When she invited me to go to dinner with a bunch of people for her birthday, I knew it was the perfect occasion to get dolled up and take pics for my ...