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One Is Silver And The Other’s Gold


Since moving out to Los Angeles, it hasn't been super easy to make friends that compare to my friends back home. It used to make me feel homesick until I realized that I would never be able to replicate that and that's ok. That's why they are so important to me and we make such ...

Fave color block maxi skirt


  I bought this adorable color block maxi skirt at some boutique shop on Ventura blvd. I wish I remembered the name of the store but I sadly do not. I bought it when I first moved out here about a year ago and haven't worn it until 2 nights ago! I have no idea why because ...

Urban Outfitters Anonymous


  Both entire outfits: Urban Outfitters (jeans, both tank tops, necklace, shorts) I am truly addicted to Urban Outfitters, you guys. I may need help. My roommate is at the point where she has to talk me out of going there... because if I do, I will spend money no matter WHAT. It's absurd. When I lived ...